Hello! I'm Jon Sorce, and this is my landing page.

I am a postdoctoral fellow in theoretical physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2022, I completed my PhD at Stanford University under the supervision of Patrick Hayden. My research broadly lies in the "It From Qubit" field, using ideas from quantum information theory to understand problems in quantum gravity and in quantum field theory. I am particularly interested in using modular theory to understand the thermodynamic properties of far-from-equilibrium states.

My physics publications can be found on arXiv or iNSPIRE (though one paper, a pure-math article, is listed only on arXiv). In late 2021, I started maintaining a physics blog at sorcenotes.blogspot.com, where I compile research-level notes on topics in mathematical physics.

Scientific colleagues are encouraged to contact me using my institutional email, which they should be able to find through the usual channels. Anyone else wanting to get in touch, you can contact me by sending me an email at . I'm always happy to meet new people.